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Our Law Office offers legal services and legal advice in almost all areas of law except criminal. We provide our clients with comprehensive services, including representation before the courts and other authorities, drafting and commenting contracts and other legal submissions. For our clients we prepare legal analyzes and opinions in both oral and written form. 

Civil Law

Law Office A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s.r.o. will help you in the development or assessment of contracts, settlement of ownership, drafting legal actions and other filing before the courts and other state authorities in all types of proceedings under the Civil Procedure Code and Civil Code.


Commercial Law and Company Law

In this area of law we offer forming of companies and cooperatives, making changes in these entities (change of the statutory body, change of companion / shareholder, change of seat, expanding / narrowing lines of business, increase / decrease of capital etc.) mergers and acquisitions of companies or change of their legal form. We also provide clients before the the courts. We will also prepare the required contract or provide other legal services.


Trade Law

Do you need to declare a trade before the commencement of business, expand or reduce business objects, appoint an authorized representative, suspend or terminate business? In addition to legal services in these areas we will also provide notice of any change or issuing an extract from the Trade Register.


Labor Law

Law Office A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s.r.o. provides legal services to both employers and employees in the field of Labor Law. It represents clients in litigation in the courts. It also provides employers trainings regarding changes in labor legislation.


Real Estate Law

We provide legal services in matters of rights to real estate – establishment of easement, establishment of lien and other rights in rem, deletion of easement / lien, representation before the cadastral department, development and legal analysis of real estate transfer contracts as well as proposals for deposit.


Administrative Law

We provide comprehensive legal advice in the field of representing clients in cadastral proceedings, construction procedures, infringement proceedings or in reviewing the legality of administrative decisions by the courts.


Family Law

We will prepare a proposal for divorce, custody of the child to education, increase / decrease of alimony or proposal for the settlement of joint property ownership of spouses. Our Law Office will provide qualified representation in these and other proceedings before the court and beyond.


Business of Foreign Persons

Law Office A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s.r.o. provides legal services to rich foreign clientele. It helps foreign persons in starting business in Slovakia, as well as during the performance of their other business activities. Additional services include providing a registered office in Slovakia (virtual / registered) as well as assistance with equipment of temporary / permanent residence.


Execution Law

We will prepare a proposal for the commencement of execution as well as provide legal representation in enforcement proceedings.


Inheritance Law

Drafting wills, deeds of disinheritance or representation in succession belong to our other services.


Bankruptcy │Restructuring │Debt Relief

Do you need to lodge a claim in bankruptcy or restructuring, draw up a restructuring review or provide other similar services? Our Law Office will be happy to help you with that. Law Office A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s.r.o. also provides services of the trustee in bankruptcy (registration number 1644). For foreign creditors we also provide service of agent for delivery.



We will prepare and file an application for registration of trademark in the register of trademarks, representation in proceedings for registration of trademark in the register of trademarks, representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings in case of infringement of the trademark proprietor.


Traffic and Road Law

Currently offer carriers entry in the Commercial Register, judicial and extrajudicial recovery of their outstanding unpaid debts as well as provide additional legal services and legal advice according to clients requirements.


Debt recovery

Law Office A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s.r.o. has extensive experience in both extrajudicial and judicial recovery of receivables. We establish cooperation with housing management for debts recovery from defaulters – owners of apartments and commercial premises.



Authorizing a contract under the Law on Advocacy is recording contract on the transfer of property, the identification of the participants in this contract and their representatives, the assessment of whether the contract is not contrary to the law, does not circumvent the law, it is not contrary to the good manners and the assessment whether concluding the contract will not be the event giving rise to the damage.

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