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Our Law Firm provides the following services using guaranteed electronic signature

Changes in companies

Cancellation / termination of companies

Services for entrepreneurs

Services for foreigners

Advantages of electronic filing

A) Saving clients funds

Electronic filing in the Commercial Register and the Real Estate Cadastre saves 50 % of the funds of our clients, as legal and administrative costs are reduced by up to half. Moreover, for the issue of a certificate for every free trade in the case of electronic proposals is free of charge and for certification of the craft and bound trade client will pay only half.

For electronic submissions, there is no need for drawing up a number of certified photocopies of documents (eg. there is no need to verify the documents accompanying the proposal for registration ). In addition, for some of the documents in the case of electronic submissions is not required notarized signature, there by also saving fees for official verification of signatures.

B) Service for clients from all over the territory of the Slovak Republic

The method of communication with our Law Firm is the client´s choice (by email, post). Personal visit of our Law Firm by the client is not necessary, therefore, we provide services relating to submissions in the Commercial and Trade Registry or the Real Estate Cadastre for clients all over the territory of the Slovak Republic. Electronic filing allows us handling the administration of all commercial registers, trade registers as well as real estate cadastres from all over the territory of the Slovak Republic.

C) Filing proposals within 24 hours

Documents needed as annexes to the proposals are developed depending on the complexity of the administration, in most cases within 24 hours of receipt of the necessary documents from the client. Once our client delivers the necessary documents, from the comfort of our office we will send them to the Commercial Court, Trade Licensing Office or Cadastral Office, even after the official working hours of these offices. Proposals are submitted to authorities usually within 24 hours of receipt of the required documents from the client. This represents a saving of time associated with waiting for the authorities, which ultimately saves client funds.

D) Quick information about the state of administration

About equipment of filing are our clients informed quickly, since the confirmation of making the entry in the Commercial and Trade Registry as well as certificate of incorporation are received electronically by an e-mail on the day when is decided about the filing and is not necessary to wait for delivery of confirmations by mail.

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