Law Firm A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s. r. o. is a dynamic and developing Slovak law firm focused on providing legal services and consultancy in the area of Slovak legal system. Please check our list of legal services for companies, self employed persons, citizens or the list of legal services for foreigners in Slovakia.

Our goal is to provide complex and high-quality legal services and legal consultancy of the highest standard to our clients following the principles of absolute professionalism, discretion and high level of expertise.

Our law firm puts a lot of effort into building strong, long-term relationships with our clients – either natural persons or legal entities, based on open communication and individual approach. The high professional level of our legal services is supported by close cooperation with notary and distrainor’s offices, translators and interpreters, tax advisors and other professionals. Similarly, we co-operate with law firms located outside the Slovak republic. The maximum satisfaction of our clients with the results of our work and repeated demands for our legal services are the most important appreciation for us.

Corporate Clients

Since our law firm specializes in providing legal services to business entities, we offer complete corporate legal consultancy both for Slovak and foreign companies. Legal services in this area include the establishment, formation, changes, dissolution and liquidation of companies as well as the preparation and conducting of regular and extraordinary general meetings, representation before public authorities such as the Trade and Companies Registers and representation in legal proceedings as well.

At the same time we offer legal support to foreign investors in the realization of their investment or business plans within the territory of the Slovak republic, including the formation of organizational units and founding subsidiaries including foreign entities in the Slovak republic. Among other services, we offer opening of a virtual registered office on an address in Bratislava.

Formation of Companies

Law Firm A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s. r. o. is highly experienced in the area of Formation of Business Companies, organizational units, the realization of any changes in the structure and organization of these entities (extension of the scope of business, narrowing of the scope of  business, change of  the registered office / change of the statutory body change of the attorney, etc.), liquidation of companies, transfer / distribution of shares, representation of clients before tribunals as well as their representation before Trade and Company Registers.  Besides other services of our law firm, we provide. Current Companies Register Abstracts, Criminal Records Certificates, abstracts from commercial, trade and other registers as well as title deeds from the Land Registry, etc.

Among others we offer these services:

Qualified Electronic Signature and Authorization of Contracts

Law Firm A|K|M|V advokátska kancelária s. r. o. aims to keep up with the current trends in the area of providing legal services.  In order to make our communication fast, reliable and  low-cost we have a qualified electronic signature available, which also helps to reduce the costs of our clients for legal services. You can find more information on the advantages of a qualified electronic signature in the section – QES Saved fees. Moreover, we also offer to our clients the authorization of contracts on transfer of property, which makes the entire property transfer process a lot easier. What advantages brings the authorization to our clients? Read more in section Authorization.

Legal Services outside the Area of Bratislava

hanks to our activities outside the area of Bratislava, we are able to adopt to the client’s needs and based on an individual agreement, we can arrange services also in these cities in Central Slovakia, which can serve as meeting points with our attorneys:  Žiar nad Hronom, Zvolen, Banská Bystrica.

You can find current information on amendments from different areas of interest in the News section.

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