Development / Construction Law

Comprehensive services in the field of real estate services for developers

Our legal services in real estate in Slovakia

  • We are an experienced law firm in Slovakia
  • We provide comprehensive services in the field of real estate services for developers, as well as in construction law for businesses and foreign multinationals, investors entering the Slovak market as well as for private individuals
  • Are you a foreigner? Never mind, communication in English is a matter of course for AKMV
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  • Preparation of the required contracts when buying or selling real estate – provision contract, contract of sale, deed of gift, interchangeable contracts and other types of contracts relating to the transfer of ownership, contract of lien and other
  • Applications and other documents addressed to the courts and other public authorities,
  • Our lawyers will represent you before the court during the judicial proceedings relating to real estates,
  • Help to settle the community property of spouses, estate by the entirety / entireties
  • Providing representation at cadastral offices,
  • Help you with rental housing, land, buildings and business premises,
  • We provide legal services on agricultural land, expropriation, inheritance, donation and in restitution,
  • We prepare legal analyzes, opinions and representations

Why us?

We have a wide experience providing legal services, especially in the area of real estate law. We offer our legal services and consultancy to any Slovak based client, as well as to foreign or international subjects. Communication in foreign language is given. The office is equipped with qualified electronic signature, which saves your time and money communicating with public authorities. Moreover, thanks to our wide and advanced experiences in all legal areas, we are happy to become your partner in your further activities as well.

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