Expansion of business activities in Slovak Ltd. company

Our Law Office will help you in fulfilling all legal requirements.

250 € including all fees
5 days average procedure time
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The expansion of business in Slovak Ltd. Company (s.r.o.) requires actions in relation to several authorities, such as the Trade Licensing Office, commercial register, and the preparation of several documents. Thanks to our experience so far in this field and electronic signatures that we own, we can handle the process for you quickly, safely and cheaply.

  • comprehensive legal assistance and advice
  • assistance in meeting regulatory requirements,
  • preparation of necessary documents,
  • announcement to the Trade Licensing Office,
  • notification of changes in trade register,
  • communication without the need for a personal visit 

The process of expansion of business activities are related to the type of business you are going to provide in the Slovak market. Our Law Office will request the trade license from the competent authority (eg. Licensing Office, Transport Office, Telecommunications Office, etc.). Some of the trade licenses are regulated and some not. In case of regulated trade licenses, we will inform you which documents will be necessary. 

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