Extending the Slovak trade license

Thanks to our experience so far in this area, our Law Office can handle this process for you quickly, safely and cheaply.

250 € including all fees
5 days average time
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Our services according to the extension of Sovak trade license

Extending a trade license in Slovakia requires actions in relation to several authorities, such as the Trade Licensing Office. Thanks to our experience so far in this area, our Law Office can handle this process for you quickly, safely and cheaply.

  • comprehensive legal services and advice for clients from all over the Slovak Republic regardless of their place of business / residence,
  • preparation of necessary documents,
  • assistance in meeting regulatory requirements,
  • announcement to the Trade Licensing Office,
  • implement changes to the commercial register
  • other legal services (eg. narrowing / erase types of business, etc.)
  • communication without the need for a personal visit

Medical checkup for foreigners

If a foreigner reach the residence permit, he have to attend the medical checkup for the foreign police. You can visit these providers of medical control for foreign police:

Examination of foreigners in Bratislava is available every day at: Poliklinika Ružinov, Agel Clinic, Ružinovská 10, Bratislava.

  • We also examine larger groups of people every day
  • 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • even without an appointment, if you need an exact date and time, call 0948350123
  • payment on the spot in cash or by card
  • all examinations in one day
  • medical report within 7 working days
  • we are an accepted outpatient clinic by the foreign police
  • We examine people from 15 years of age and older. Younger children are examined only in Nitra and Zvolen

Examination of foreigners KOŠICE is provided at the AGEL Hospital Košice – Šaca.

  • we examine foreigners every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m., it is possible to come even without an appointment to the address: Agel Hospital Košice-Šaca, Lúčna 57, Diagnostic Centre, 1st floor.
  • Payment is possible in cash or by card directly at the outpatient clinic
  • all examinations in one day, X-ray directly at the clinic
  • medical report will be issued within 7 working days
  • we are an outpatient clinic accepted by the foreign police
  • we examine children only in Nitra and Zvolen, in Košice we examine only adults (from 18 years of age).

Medical check-up for the purpose of issuance of a report for the Foreign Police, confirming that the foreigner is not suffering from any disease that endangers public health.

  • we will examine you also without appointment
  • we can make individual appointments for larger groups
  • all examinations in a single day
  • medical check-up report within 5 working days
  • we examine also children
  • we are the outpatient clinic accepted by the Foreign Police

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