How to get a birth certificate and passport for a child born abroad

A descendant of a Slovak citizen automatically acquires Slovak citizenship at birth. He is thus entitled not only to a Slovak birth certificate, but also, for example, to a Slovak passport.

In order to obtain a Slovak birth certificate, it is necessary to contact the registry office of the parent’s (last) place of residence. The registry office will draw up a birth record which contains information about both the parents and the child at the time of the child’s birth. The parents shall present a valid identity document.

Documents needed to issue a Slovak birth certificate

In addition to the above documents, you must also submit the child’s birth certificate issued in the state of birth. Many countries also require an apostille or super legalisation of the birth certificate. An apostille is not required from the Czech Republic or Austria, for example.

Check whether you need an apostille or super legalisation with the relevant registry office. Alternatively, you can find information on which countries require an apostille at

The fact that the child acquired Slovak citizenship by birth (i.e. that one of the parents was Slovak at the time of birth) is proved by the identity card or passport of that parent. However, the latter must also have been valid at the time of the child’s birth. If the parent did not have an identity document from the time of his/her daughter’s or son’s birth (e.g. he/she has exchanged it for a new one in the meantime), the child’s certificate of Slovak citizenship will also have to be presented.

To summarize, we thus state that the birth registration of the child will need to be documented to the registry office:

  • a completed Child Birth Record form
  • the child’s birth certificate (if the child is from a non-EU country, also with an apostille / superlegalization) and an official translation into Slovak, we recommend making a notarized photocopy in Slovakia, as the original will not be returned to you from the registry office
  • parents’ identity documents (ID cards, passports) – copies
  • child’s identity document – copy
  • parents’ birth certificates – copies with translation
  • parents’ marriage certificate (Slovak), if married (if divorced, divorce decrees, or death certificates if widower/widow)
  • if the parents are not married, a declaration of paternity (an official document issued in the country of the child’s birth) is translated; if not, it is recommended to attach an affidavit of the parents that they are unmarried

Spelling of the surname of a daughter without the ending “ová”

If the daughter’s surname will not be used with the Slovak ending (i.e. without the “ová”), both parents will sign a declaration about this surname. In this case, it is necessary for both parents to be present at the registry office for registration. If the child is a son, the presence of one of the parents is sufficient.

The district office will send the complete documentation to a special registry office, which will then issue the child with a Slovak birth certificate. With this, a passport can be arranged at the relevant district office.

The process of obtaining a Slovak birth certificate can also be handled on the basis of a power of attorney. However, the power of attorney must not be missing the information provided in the birth registration and, if the daughter’s surname without the ending “ová” is requested, the relevant affidavit.

§ Section 16 of the Civil Registry Act

The female surname of a person of a nationality other than Slovak shall be entered without the Slovak ending,

(a) if requested by the parents when entering the surname of their female child in the birth register pursuant to section 13(1) or by the adoptive parents when entering the surname of the adopted child if the adoption is pursuant to a special regulation,

(b) if the woman so requests when registering the celebration of the marriage in the marriage register under section 14,

(c) if a woman so requests in connection with the registration of a decision to change her surname under a special law.

§ 19

6) In the birth or marriage certificate of the woman to whom this official statement refers, her surname shall be given without the Slovak ending if she so requests in writing; a record of this fact shall be made in the registry office. All other official extracts and certificates of data entered in the civil registry shall be made with that form of the surname. The written request referred to in the first sentence shall be entered in the register of deeds.

(7) A written request under paragraphs (3), (4) and (6) may be made, in the case of a minor, by the minor’s parents.

Obtaining a Slovak passport for a child/descendant

If the child has been issued with a Slovak birth certificate, it is possible to go to the relevant department and apply for a Slovak passport fora chold..

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