Certificate of marital status of Slovakia


I would like to kindly ask you for your help with the following request.
I intend to marry in Germany to my German fiancé. I am a Nicaraguan citizen, residing in Slovakia now due to work. i have a valid residence permit of course. However, it seems that the German authorities now need a “Certificate of marital status” or “Proof of Single Status Certificate” from Slovakia, since I have been living here for the past year. 
As a non Slovak national, where and how do I request this? What are the steps I need to take or the authority I need to contact?
Any help you could provide me, would be highly appreciated.


Unfortunately, in Slovakia it is not possible to issue a Certificate of marital status or Proof of Single Status Certificate. This also applies to Slovak citizens as well as foreign ones.

For these needs, we can prepare an honorary declaration of single status for you, which would be in Slovak and English. You would notarize this document and our law office will provide an apostille for use in Germany.

We would charge 200 EUR for all legal services, including all fees.

Please check first if the documents will be accepted by the German authorities first. 
If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us.