Civil association establishment in Slovakia


I am from Germany and I am currently living in Kosice. I would like to establish a civil association here in Kosice. What are the conditions for (European) foreigners? How many members should the association include in total? What are the other formal requirements? Thank you very much


The Slovak civil association must have at least 3 members. The members of the association may be both natural and legal persons whose rights and obligations are governed by the articles of association. If you are a german citizen, you can establish the civil association without any restrictions. 

The associations themselves are legal entities and are created by the registration. The proposal for the registration of the association is submitted by at least three citizens who form the preparatory committee. 

At least one member of the Preparatory Committee must be over 18 years old. Annexes to the proposal for the registration are statutes, which are submitted in two copies. 

The essential requirements of the statutes are: 

  • the name of the association

  • seat

  • the aim of it´s activity

  • the bodies of the association

  • provisions on organizational units as long as they are established and act on their behalf,

  • management principles. 

The proposal for registration is submitted to the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. If the Ministry does not find a reason for refusing the registration, it will, within 10 days register the association and send a copy of the Statutes to the Representative (indicating the date of registration, which is the date of dispatch).