My ex-wife is preventing me from contacting my child


I have a case in Michalovce since 2014, is about my daughter Olivia. Courts in Michalovce and Kosice gave me the right to see and visit my daughter but unfortunately the mother is not respecting anything the Court said. I pay every month the alimony but the judge is not forcing the mother to do anything.


If you are prevented from contacting your child, you have the right to ask the court to regulate the contact. The court will adjust this contact at regular intervals. If the mother is acting against the decision of the court, then you have the right to apply to the court for judgement.

According to the Slovak law, if one of the parents unreasonably does not intentionally allow the other parent contact with a minor child, the court may, at the request of one of the parents, change the personal care decision.

Her action could be judged as a criminal offence and as written above it is even possible to require a child’s trust to be changed to you as the father.