Residence permit and a change of employer


One non-eu-citizen left Slovakia in December 2018, his official last day of work was in November 2018. His “povolenie na pobyt – prace” is valid until 2020. Is his “povolenie na pobyt – prace” still valid, if he comes to Slovakia to make a new employment contract with our company? If not: What do we have to do, to register the non-eu-citizen for our company?


His residence permit was connected with a previous employer. The previous employer has to announce the termination of the employment relationship with the employee to the Foreign Police in 3 working days from the termination of the employment relationship.  

According to the law, the foreigner has a 60 day period starting from the termination of the employment relationship for finding a new employer. The foreigner has to announce this information to the Foreign Police and also submit the labour contract which includes the amount of salary. He has to come personally to the Foreign police with his passport as well as his residence permit card. 

But previously, the new employer has to announce a free working place to the Labour office. After 20 days (if it is not a shortage position) the foreigner can submit the application to the residence permit.  

After 60 days starting from the termination of the employment relationship, the Police starts the process of termination of the residence permit. The Police will send to the foreigner this information about starting this procedure, provide some period for a foreigner to response. Then, the Police can issue the decision on termination of the residence permit.