Residence permit – family reunification


One of our clients would like to apply for residence permit in Slovakia. His wife is a Slovakian citizen and they have a newborn baby. They are married since August 2017. They both mainly lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Our client has not applied for resident permit before, and made only several short-term visits to Slovakia with a visa. What are the requirements for a temporary/permanent residential permit? Is it necessary for our client to live in Slovakia? How long does this process take?


The husband of a Slovak national citizen may apply for the residence permit for the purpose of the family reunion. He will receive a permanent residence for 5 years.  The main reason of the application of the Slovak residency is to live in Slovakia – for at least half of the year. 

The following documents have to be submitted to the application: 

  • two 3 x 3.5 cm photos showing the current visual of the applicant

  • valid travel document

  • marriage certificate

  • criminal record (superlegalized)

  • proof of a financial security of the stay (a statutory declaration of the spouse – Slovak that she will provide the third-country national with financial and material security during his stay at the territory of the Slovak Republic)

  • proof of the accommodation (in case of a lease contract, verified signatures of all people are required, in the case of co-ownership of all persons, not only the landlords or the lessee). The address of the foreigners accommodation must be the same as the address of the spouse, for example, a document proving the temporary stay of the Slovak spouse at the chosen address. (the spouse must have a permanent residence in Slovakia).