Residence permit for the purpose of employment


We are a business company in Slovakia and our shareholder is a company seated outside EU. Some of these employeers want to come to our company in Slovakia for 9 – 12 months. Which possibilities we have? Can they be accommodated in a hotel?



A foreigner from a third country can ask for the residence permit for the purpose of employment. Form 1.1.2019, there are two ways how to ask for it. It depends on the position the foreigner will do. 

If you choose the position in the list here, the term for the decision on the residence permit is 30 days. Otherwise, the term is 90 days. In both cases, the employer has an obligation to announce a free working position to the Labour office. If you choose the position in the list, no need to wait 20 working days, you can ask for the residence permit next day. 

The foreigners need the legalized criminal record (from their country of origin and from a country they lived last 3 years min 6 months). They can submit the application also in Slovakia if they have visa-free travel possibility. 

There are also some duties after the residence permit is granted (medical check, duties in relation to labour office, insurance). 

They can be accommodated in a hotel, if the hotel has available capacities and is entitled to issue a confirmation for the foreign police.