The residence permit is still not granted and we decided to change the accommodation


The application for the residence permit in Slovakia was submitted in Bratislava. The residence permit is still not granted. Meantime, we decided to change the accommodation. We have 2 Slovakian staff working in our office in London. They do have an apartment available but the apartment is NOT in Bratislava, I think their village is more than an hour drive away from capital. Do you think the foreign police would accept the accommodation which is not in Bratislava when the application for the residence permit was submitted there?


You can deliver to the Foreign Police the confirmation regarding the accommodation in other city. In this case, the foreign police in Bratislava will forward your application with your file to the competent foreign police and this police will continue with the procedure. 

Please be aware that the signatures of the owners at the statutory declaration have to be verified by a notary.  

Please be also aware that the Police will go to check the accommodation and ask the owner if the applicant can live there.