Working as a driver for a home food delivery company in Slovakia


My name is Peter and I would like to become self employed in Slovakia (Živnosť) to work as a driver for a home food delivery company. I come from Italy.


A citizen of the European Union is entitled to operate a trade in the Slovak Republic under the same conditions as Slovak citizens. European Union citizen is entitled to start with the business activities from the date of submitting the notification tothe District office. 

Following documents are required as attachments of the notification form:

  • extract from the criminal records (from home country or Slovak if he / she has registered the residency in the Slovak Republic at least for 6 months, or from another country where he / she has been granted the residency at least 6 months continuously during the last 5 years)
  • document proving right to use the immovable property where the place of business will be registered. 

At the same time, we would like to point out that European Union citizen who stays in the territory of the Slovak Republic for more than 3 months is obliged to apply for the registration of the European Union citizen. The application must be submitted in person to the Aliens Police Department.