Contract of donation according the Slovak legislation

A contract of donation, like any other contract, requires the fulfillment of several requisites, otherwise it will be not prepared according to the Slovak legislation and therefore the contract will be not valid. The basis for a donation agreement is that the donor leaves something for free or promises something to the gifted person, and that gift or promise is accepted. Exemption from charges is an essential feature of a donation. If a donor asks for a reward, it is not a gift. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

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I am interested in drafting a donation agreement

The contract of donation, the object of which is the property, must be according to the Slovak regulations in written form. The signature of the donor on the contract must be verified/notarized. After signing the contract of donation, we will prepare a proposal and record the rights to the Cadastre.

  • Comprehensive legal services and advice
  • Creation / commenting of the donation contract
  • Filing a proposal and recording of the rights to the Cadastre

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