Temporary employment agency for sale

Are you interested in assigning employees to a client and do you need a temporary employment agency for your business? If you need to start your business activities immediately, buying an already established temporary employment agency may be the most suitable choice for you.

price 6 000 € All fees included
couple of days 100% guarantee
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100% guarantee

With each of the companies, you are 100% sure of the purity of the company, as all agencies were prepared for sale by our law office.

What is included in the price of the finished ADZ?

The final price of the finished temporary employment agency is EUR 6,000 and the price already includes all fees such as:

  • establishment of a company worth EUR 510
  • transfer of ADZ to a new entity including all fees in the amount of EUR 360
  • administrative fee of the labor office in the amount of EUR 1,000
  • an administrative fee for making changes in the ADZ during transcription in the amount of EUR 500
  • related legal advice

Price and time difference when establishing or buying ADZ

If you are just starting a business, it is necessary that you establish a business or Ltd.. The courts are currently so overloaded that when establishing a Ltd. at the moment, you have to count on the time of several weeks. If you are founding a company and you already know at the time of founding that you want to do business in the field of assigning employees for payment, our law office will choose the most suitable procedure to save the client as much time as possible.

Ltd. or the business is established, what next?

As soon as you have an entity where you want to perform ADZ activity, you must apply for a license. With the application, it is necessary to document various confirmations and also develop a project of one’s own ADZ activity. As soon as the application is complete, you can apply for the aforementioned permit. The Labor, Social Affairs and Family Center has 30 days from the submission of the application to issue a permit.

How much does it cost to establish a temporary employment agency?

  • Establishment of a new Ltd. including VAT and fees EUR 510 (if the client also needs to establish a new company)
  • Legal services for obtaining an ADZ license (720-1,200 EUR including VAT). The price of legal services depends on the cooperation of the client, whether he/she creates the project for ADZ himself or leaves the whole process to our lawyer. If you decide to leave the whole process to us, the price is at the upper limit
  • The fee of the headquarters of work, social affairs and the family EUR 1,000

Our law firm has several years of experience in the field of job assignment for payment. If you use our legal services, the client is regularly informed if there are any changes in the law or if new legal obligations are added. This way, you avoid the risk of having your license revoked.

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