Liquidation of a company in Slovakia – legal obligations

Liquidation of a company in Slovakia can be clearly described as one of the most complicated processes relating to companies of all. It is difficult not only for the amount of time it takes, but also for the expertise and experience required.  which our law firm has. 

The company liquidation process in Slovakia requires the preparation of a considerable number of documents and a number of other actions - appointment of a liquidator, application for registration of changes to  Commercial register or Trade Register, acts relating to accounting, communication with authorities and others. 

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Our services in the liquidation of the Slovak company

  • preparation of documents for the commencement of the liquidation,
  • the notification of the entry into liquidation in the Commercial Bulletin
  • filing a notice of change to the tax authorities and other authorities,
  • preparation of documents for completion of the liquidation,
  • requesting consent to the dissolution of the company,
  • filing a request for cancellation of the company to the Commercial Register
  • legal advice throughout the process of the liquidation,
  • advice on preparing the financial documents necessary for liquidation.

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