An Establishment of LLC in the Slovak republic

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A limited liability company is the most popular capital form of company in the Slovak republic. It is a kind of business form of company where the members guarantee the obligation of the company but not higher than the amount of a contribution of each member. The capital consists of the contributions from each member and an amount is specified according lto aw.

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Our services of an establishment of LLC 

  • preparation of documents which are necessary for the establishment of an LLC
  • helping with a selection of objects of a company
  • submission of an application form for the competent Trade register in order to get the trade permit certificate
  • submission of an application form of the registration of an LLC to the Commercial Register
  • issue of the permission of the tax administrator along with the registration into the Companies Register
  • Establishing of a business place with all required administration (pick up phones and post, etc.)
  • opening a bank account
  • helping with accounting and tax questions 

The process of the creation of an LLC consists of two steps: it is the establishment of a LLC (by signing a foundation deep or a partnership contract – in case there are more than one partner) and formation of the LLC which is connected with a registration in the Commercial Register. Thisrequires a mountain of documents because, since the amendment of the Commercial Code which has been in force since 1st October 2012, the founder is obliged to present at the Commercial Register a confirmation from a corresponding tax office that he/ she has no arrears. 

Costs and fees 

The process of the establishment of a company has to be adapted to the requirements of the client because each firm is specific. Let us  prepare an individual price offer for our services according to your preferences. 

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