Slovak Trade registration certificate – free and notifiable trades

Trade law is regulated in Slovakia by Act no. 455/1991 Coll. On Trades Licensing - Trades Licensing Act, which also lays down the classification of the trades and the conditions for their operation.

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Whatthe Slovak Trade registration certificate – license looks like

The Slovak Trade registration certificate contains the business name or the name of the Solo trader, the legal form, registered seat, ID of the trade license and the list of the registered trades.

Free – Unregulated trades

The general conditions for the operation of free – unregulated trades by individuals are that they must be 18 years of age, capable of legal acts and without a criminal record. 

In the case of a Slovak legal person, the general conditions for setting up a trade must be fulfilled by the natural person or persons who are its statutory body, and the legal person must also fulfill the condition of probity. 

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Our clients are mostly interested in the Slovak Trade registration certificate for activities like: Purchase of goods for re-sale to final consumers (retail) or other trade operators (wholesale), Intermediation activities in the area of trade, services (or in the area of manufacturing), Construction works and modifications, Pre-construction works and others. 

Regulated trades

Regulated trades are trades, for which operation, in addition to complying with the general conditions of the operation of the trade, it is necessary also to show proof of professional competence regulated by special regulations. 

Attachment no. 2 of the Trades Licensing Act in its current version contains 94 regulated trades. Regulated trades are for example, Casting of precious metals, Development and production of weapons or ammunition, Dental technology, Driving school management, Freight forwarding and others. 

Trades based on learned and skilled professions

These are trades, the operation of which, in addition to meeting the general conditions, it is necessary to prove the professional competence acquired in the specific field. 

The professional competence is possible in accordance with Section 21 of the Trades Licensing Act to be proved by a certificate of education or other evidence of the proper ending of the relevant study. Under Section 22 of the Trades Licensing Act, such documents are: 

  • an certificate or other evidence of completion one years practice in the field or two years of practice in a related field
  • a certificate of secondary school, certificate of a secondary vocational school or a secondary school providing general secondary education – grammar school with vocational subjects or post-graduate study in the same field, and proof of completion of at least one year’s post-graduate practice in the field or two years of practice in a related field
  • proof of completion of the lower secondary school, unless the cases mentioned in the preceding paragraphs and the certificate of education received for the relevant trade in an accredited educational establishment, and proof of completion of at least two years post-graduate practice in the field or three years of practice in a related field
  • a postgraduate diploma in the relevant field, and a proof of completion of at least one year’s post-graduate practice or a two-year practice in a related field
  • a certificate of partial qualification or a certificate of complete qualification under a special regulation
  • evidence of at least ten years practice in the field, which has not expired for more than three (3) years

The trades based on learned and skilled professions can be for example Locksmithing, Stonemasonry, Carpentry, Diagnostics and repair of road motor vehicles and others. 

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