British citizen – moving to Slovakia


My girlfriend‘s nationality is British and she is moving from UK to Slovakia. Can you please tell me all the documents what documentation is required that she needs to bring with her?


We can go with your girlfriend to the Foreign Police and ask for the residence permit in Slovakia. She will need:

  • 2 pictures (3×3,5 cm)
  • valid passport
  • document which proves the accommodation (address in Slovakia) e.g. a lease contract, a statutory declaration of an owner of premises, etc. 
  • fee of the Police – 24,50 EUR (card in 48 hours) + 3 EUR for delivering the residence permit card by courier

She needs to prove the purpose why she wants to live in Slovakia. It can by a business, an employment, study, etc. She can also show that she has minimum 205,17 EUR without proving the purpose.

The Police has 30 days for deciding. Then in 48 hours, the residence permit card is issued.

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