Change in the purpose of a foreigner’s temporary residence


I am a foreigner and I have had a temporary residence for business purposes for 4 years. If I change the purpose of family reunification, will it affect me if I apply for permanent residence for a year (it will be 5 years together)?


No, the change of purpose will not affect the acquisition of permanent residence. However, the conditions must be met that you must stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic legally and continuously for a period of five years immediately before submitting the application. Please note that it is not possible to interrupt the stay, but before applying for a long-term stay, the stay (regardless of the purpose) must be granted to taste for 5 years without a break.

The law distinguishes three types of permanent residence of a foreigner. In your case, we assume that it will be a long-term stay for an unlimited period of time pursuant to Section 51 et seq. Of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners.

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I changed the purpose of the temporary residence from the purpose of employment to the purpose of a special activity (I will work for a sports club as a coach). What responsibilities do I have in relation to state authorities?


We would like to draw your attention to individual obligations and the deadlines for fulfilling them:

  • conclusion of a contract on the basis of the Sports Act (eg on the performance of the activities of a sports expert)
  • notice of termination of employment with the Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family (within 7 working days)
  • registration for health insurance by a sports club (within 7 working days)
  • social security application
  • proof of proof of health insurance to the Aliens Police (within 30 days of receiving the card)
  • addition by sports club to the sports information system (within 15 days)

It is possible to register with the health insurance company in the same way as when changing jobs as a Slovak citizen (accountant electronically). However, if the establishment of an employment relationship on the basis of a contract for the performance of the activities of a sports professional does not follow on from the termination of employment, then it will first be necessary to deregister public health insurance from previous employees and then register with sports clubs. In such a case, it would be necessary to document the contract with the health insurance company.