Change of the Seat – address of the Slovak company

Provision of all requirements without the need for a personal visit.

250 € including all fees
7 days average procedure time
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The change of a registered office in Slovakia requires certain actions in relation to several authorities (Licensing Office, commercial register, tax authorities, etc.) and the preparation of several documents. Due to our previous experience in this field we offer the possibility of equiping  this process for you. In case you have decided to change your company seat, please contact us on +421915046749 or send an e-mail to 

The change of the registered seat / address of a company is provided by

  • Comprehensive legal assistance and advice – we will provide you with the necessary information and assistance in meeting the legal requirements
  • Prompt development of the necessary documents for domestic subjects and foreigners
  • Notification of the changes to the commercial register trade registry office, tax authorities and other bodies.
  • provision of all requirements without the need for a personal visit 

You will have to report the change of the company seat in Slovakia within 30 days to the business register.  Since we have qualified electronic signature, signatures on the necessary documents may not be officially certified, which will speed up the whole process.

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