Establishing a civil association or foundation in Slovakia

We are able to cover your needs regarding all your complex activities.

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30 days average procedure time
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The establishment of civil associations is amended by the act 83/1990 of the Slovak legal code – associations of citizens. Members of such an association can be private as well as legal persons, whose rights and obligations are incorporated in the statutes of association.

If you have decided to establish a civil association or foundation, contact us. The establishment of civil association or foundation can be a complicated process, requiring high-quality knowledge and experience, which we have as a legal office. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our attorneys from all legal areas, we are able to cover your needs regarding all your complex activities.

Our services in the area of civil association and foundation establishment include

  • complex legal service and consultancy
  • preparation of necessary documentation
  • registration at Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic
  • communication without the necessity of personal visit.

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