Request of the marriage certificate from Slovakia

If you conclude marriage on the territory of the Slovak republic and you need the marriage certificate but you are abroad, or you are a foreigner, you can apply for this document even without your personal visit the Slovak Republic. It is necessary to maintain certain specific process related mainly to the recognition of public documents.

You need Slovak marriage certificate – Where to go?

With your request you need to turn to the competent Registry Office. The competent one is the Registry Office within the territorial district where you concluded your marriage. If you do not know or are not sure about the inclusion of the territorial district under the appropriate Registry Office, this information you can find in the Annex of the Act no. 154/1994 Coll. the Registry Offices as amended.

Fee for issuing the marriage certificate

When applying for the marriage certificate, you have to pay a fee of 5 EUR on the bank account of the Registry Office. It is possible to state your e-mail adress within the application to which then may be sent payment terms by an employee of the Registry Office. In practice, the fee is usually paid by transfer on the bank account of the Registry and a scan of internet banking payment is then a sufficient evidence of payment.

There is no application form – the application has to be written by the applicant itself and has to contain particular data on the spouses and the date of marriage conclusion.

The time limit for dealing with your application depends on the particular Registry Office, in practice there is usually a time limit about 7 days.

The use of documents in abroad

In order to use the marriage certificate in abroad (outside of the Slovak Republic) may be an apostille requested by many institutions. An apostille is a certificate, or a verification of documents, issued by the offices in one State which is needed for the recognition of documents on the territory of another State. Such regulation, thanks to which there is no longer a need for further complicated verification in the form of legalization, applies only to States Parties to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. The Slovak Republic is a State Party since 2002. 

The application for the marriage certificate through a representative

If you are abroad and want to authorise another person to apply for your marriage certificate, it is necessary to submit the power of attorney with your certified signature to the Registry Office. The given power of attorney signed before a notary in abroad will be recognized by the Slovak Registry Office only if your certified signature is also apostilled. Apostille of certified signature of the principal on the power of attorney signed abroad may be executed by an office entitled to that in particular State. Such an apostille has to be then submitted in the Slovak Republic.

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