Licence for an Employment Agency in Slovakia

We will ascertain options for you, advise how to proceed, and find solutions.

EA is defined in legal act number 5/2004 of the Slovak legal code considering employment services. The main difference in comparison to a personal agency focused on employment arrangement isthat EA  employs citizens. To obtain a licence for an EA, you need to request the Central office of Labour, Family and Social affairs ans alsoyou need to enclose many documents. The Central office of Labour, Family and Social affairs must make a decision in a 30 days period. A licence is granted in an undefined period.

Do you need to obtain a licence to carry out the business of an employment agency, prepare a project for your own business or provide a contractual agenda? We will gladly arrange the whole process for you. Under some conditions, your company may ask for, or we can ascertain, whether your company may ask for the  granting of a licence for EA, even if the licence for such company was removed in the past.

We will ascertain options for you, advise how to proceed, and find solutions.

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Our services in the area of arranging a licence for an employment agency in Slovakia

  • complex legal service and consultancy,
  • obtain permissions from relevant authorities,
  • draft of documents necessary for licence,
  • prepare application for licence issue,
  • prepare contract for temporary employee,
  • prepare contract for work for temporary employees. 

What services are we offering?

  • Complex legal service and consultancy for grant of licence for employment agency
  • Prompt draft of all relevant documents
  • Communication in English is given
  • We are a legal office and react instantly to clients requests
  • Call us at +421 915 046 749 or email us at 

Price list and fees

The central office of Labour, Family and Social affairs request a legal fee of 500 EUR for licence issue for natural person and 100 EUR for legal person.

It is necessary to remember, that for the licence issue for legal person, you need to have at least 30 000 EUR in your bank account, this number must be given by last years accounting period. Natural person must show financial statement of at least 15 000 EUR.

We approach each client individually and prepare a price list based on their specific request. Contact us at and find a cooperative way you will be satisfied with the most.

Why us?

It is quite complicated to obtain a licence for EA and it is connected to another necessary services. We have wide experience concerning the granting of a licence for EA, giving us the option to provide you with an excellent legal service and complex consultancy. We employ a team of lawyers and attorneys specialized in all different legal areas. That is why  our legal office will gladly help you with other business activities as well.


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