Medical check-up for foreigners in Bratislava, Kosice, Zlate Moravce and next 12 cities

We will arrange a medical check-up for you for the Foreign Police in order to issue a medical report that the foreigner does not suffer from a disease endangering public health. In 14 cities and towns across the country.

from 140 € the lowest price
7 days issuance of a medical report for the police

Zlaté Moravce, Košice and Bratislava – NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!

Bratislava – every working day (Monday – Friday), 7-11 am

Košice – every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m., Agel Hospital Košice-Šaca, Lúčna 57, Diagnostic Centre, 1st floor.

How is the examination of foreigners for the Foreign Police carried out?

  • making an appointment for a medical check-up for foreigners on tel. No. 0948 350 123 or email address
  • conducting the medical examination/check-up of a foreigner
  • sending a medical report for foreigners directly to the Foreign Police

Prices (Bratislava, Zlate Moravce, Kosice):

149 € / 150 € adults
140 € students

OTHER CITIES AND TOWNS: The price for arranging a medical check-up is 175 EUR. The price is final. The amount must be paid in full before the medical check-up is carried out, otherwise the medical check-up is not possible.

What you will need for the examination

  • name and surname
  • nationality
  • email, telephone number
  • passport number
  • address in the Slovak Republic (if a medical certificate for the foreigner is required to be sent by post)

Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent a confirmation of the date of the medical check-up for the foreign police, as well as all necessary instructions. For this purpose, please check the email address provided.

In other cities and towns, it is not possible to undergo a medical check-up without a written confirmation from the medical check-up agent, Medical control s.r.o. For more information, please visit the website

Medical check-up for the purpose of issuing a medical report to the Foreign Police that the foreigner does not suffer from a disease endangering public health.

  • we will examine you even without an appointment
  • free reserved parking also for minibuses
  • we speak Slovak, English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • we can offer individual appointments for larger groups
  • all examinations in one day
  • two nurses, quick handling within 30 min.
  • medical report within 5 working days
  • we also examine children
  • we are an accepted Outpatient Clinic by the foreign police
  • we will also send the medical report to the Foreign Police at no extra charge or to you – no need for a return visit
  • for companies the possibility of concluding a cooperation agreement, payment by invoices
149 €adults
140 €children 
140 €students



Our partner – the limited liability company Medical control s.r.o. ensures that a medical check-up is carried out for the price of EUR 175 for the purpose of issuing a medical report that the foreigner does not suffer from a disease endangering public health: In 13 CITIES AND TOWNS in Slovakia:

In 13 CITIES AND TOWNS in Slovakia:

  1. Bratislava
  2. Skalica
  3. Zlaté Moravce
  4. Levice
  5. Komárno
  6. Zvolen
  7. Kežmarok
  8. Levoča
  9. Košice
  10. Bánovce
  11. Handlová
  12. Krompachy
  13. Krupina
  • at the same time – all examinations are carried out on the same day
  • appointment at the exact time, without waiting
  • in one place – all examinations are carried out in the same healthcare facility
  • in modern and representative premises of the top healthcare provider in Slovakia
  • appointment within a few days 
  • medical report for the Foreign Police can be sent by post
  • all instructions, including the documents to be filled out, are MULTILINGUAL (the client understands everything)
  • in case of interest possibility of accompaniment (also by an interpreter)
  • issuance of a medical report for the Foreign Police within 7 working days
  • simply, quickly and conveniently
  • medical reports confirming that the foreigner does not suffer from a disease endangering public health are processed and issued by a healthcare facility of the AGEL group, which is registered in the list of Exotic and Tropical Disease Clinics published on the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (Hospital Komárno or Hospital Zvolen)


How to make an appointment?


OTHER CITIES AND TOWNS: Telephone: 0948 350 123

References from clients

I engaged AKMV Laf Firm for assistance with renewal of my temporary residency. As expected, the process was not entirely straightforward, and the expert knowledge and experience of AKMV was crucial to both a successful application and providing reassurance to me with what could have been a stressful time. As such, I arrived at the Foreign Police with all the correct documentation and the application was made quickly and without difficulty. Follow-up requirements from the Foreign Police were quickly and precisely addressed by AKMV. The successful application was advised once approved. I have not hesitated to recommend AKMV to other foreigners and will seek their assistance for my immigration needs in the future.

Ross Cable

I Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get my residency here in Slovakia, Barbora and I appreciated it so much and I’m glad that I can be here with her and without worry! Thank you again for your hard work.

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