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The legislation which deals with a trade business is statute No. 455/1991 as amended (Statute of Trade business). It rules that every legal person or natural person who wants to set up a business which is classified as a trade business must obtain a Trade Permit Certificate. For your better understanding, provisions §3 and §4 of the Statute of Trade Business qualify what kind of activity is a trade. Or you can turn to us. We would be pleased to help, advise and arrange everything necessary for you. If you would like to get more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • providing complex legal services and advice about the process of establishing a trade,
  • preparing all the required documents in a professional manner,
  • providing support and assistance with the establishment of a trade, qualifying as a trade in accordance with law,
  • notifying to the Trade Licence Office

The legislation distinguishes between 3 kinds of trades. This distinction is important as the legislation sets out different conditions for getting a Trade Permit Certificate: 

  1. Unqualified trades – general conditions for performing a trade.
  2. Manufacturing trades – in addition to general conditions, it is required to obtain a special technical qualification.
  3. Permitted trades – in addition to general conditions, it is required to obtain special training or experience. 

General conditions of establishing a trade:

  • Majors (minimum age 18)
  • Legal capacity
  • Security clearance 

A trader must notify the District Office (Trade Licence Department) which examines if the conditions required for getting a trade permit certificate have been fulfilled.

If it is fulfilled, they issue a Trade Permit Certificate within 3 working days from the date of notification. A trader can notify in person at the local District Office (depending on the place of residence and the place of business) or by electronic form. 

The Trade Licence office as a one contact centre will notify the formation of a trade permit certificate to the Health insurance company instead of you.

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