Permanent residence permit in Slovakia, necessary information

Act No. 404/2011 Coll. on Residence of Aliens and Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Acts identifies three kinds of permanent residence of foreigners in Slovakia - third country nationals. The long term residence permit in Slovakia may request a foreigner - a third country national, for example, when his residency in Slovakia lasts at least five years. In this article we will focus on the long-term residence permit.

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Long – term stay of the foreigner – citizen of a third country in Slovakia

While citizens of European Union countries obtain permanent residence in Slovakia immediately (without requiring several years of temporary residence), the condition for obtaining permanent residence of a third-country national is at least 5 years of temporary residence in Slovakia. The condition is also that the long-term stay will follow directly on a five-year temporary residence. 

Please note that if you are not present in the Slovak Republic for some time, the long-term residence permit can be terminated. 

The application for granting long-term residence shall be submitted to the competent Foreign Police Department. It requires that an application is submitted personally. The only exception is the case of immobility. 

The attachments to the application are: 

  • a valid travel document, otherwise the application will not be accepted at all
  • two photographs of dimensions of 3 x 3.5 cm showing the actual appearance
  • stable and regular resources for the main applicant and for his family members
  • evidence of having accommodation
  • proof of health insurance in Slovakia

Stable and regular financial resources can be proved mainly by the employment contract, the employer confirming the amount of paid wages, confirmation of the account balance, proof of receiving pension benefits. 

In case of a family member who was granted temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification, he can demonstrate compliance with this condition by an affirmation of a spouse, parent or person to whom it is entrusted to the care that they provide the third-country financial and material support for his residence in the Slovak Republic. 

The deadline for a decision on long-term residence of foreigners in Slovakia is 90 days. 

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