Temporary residence permit for the purpose of study

Poskytujeme kompletný právny servis pre zahraničných študentov z tretích krajín a vybavenia pobytu na území SR.

1 000 € + VAT + costs
30 days decision of the foreign police
I am interested in a residence permit

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I engaged AKMV Laf Firm for assistance with renewal of my temporary residency. As expected, the process was not entirely straightforward, and the expert knowledge and experience of AKMV was crucial to both a successful application and providing reassurance to me with what could have been a stressful time. As such, I arrived at the Foreign Police with all the correct documentation and the application was made quickly and without difficulty. Follow-up requirements from the Foreign Police were quickly and precisely addressed by AKMV. The successful application was advised once approved. I have not hesitated to recommend AKMV to other foreigners and will seek their assistance for my immigration needs in the future.

Ross Cable

I Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get my residency here in Slovakia, Barbora and I appreciated it so much and I’m glad that I can be here with her and without worry! Thank you again for your hard work.

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Acquisition of citizenship of the Slovak Republic by US citizens


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My brother and I are interested in understanding our abilities to become Slovak citizens.Our father was born and grew up in Slovakia,...


The residence permit is still not granted and we decided to change the accommodation

The application for the residence permit in Slovakia was submitted in Bratislava. The residence permit is still not granted. Meantime,...

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