Apostille / Legalization / Superlegalization, legalizing documents from Slovakia

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Requesting Documents from Slovakia, Legalizing Documents in Slovakia

Our Law Firm offers clients a request for documents issued in the Slovak Republic. Based on Full Power of Attorney, the following documents may be requested on behalf of clients:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Number Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Other documents upon request

Apostille / Legalization / Superlegalization of Documents in Slovakia 

Based on Full Power of Attorney we can ensure authentication of public documents issued abroad to be used in Slovakia, or documents issued in Slovakia to be used abroad for our clients. Such documents are documents issued by the judicial authorities, administrative documents, notarial documents, official certificates including official and notary certificates of signatures. 

1. Apostille

If a public document was issued by an authority of a country that is a party to the Convention to Abolish the Requirement of Higher Verification of Foreign Public Documents (https://www.slov-lex.co.uk/right-prices/EN/ZZ/2002/213/), its use in Slovakia requires only an apostille in its country of origin. Equally documents issued in Slovakia can be approved by an apostille for use abroad.

 2. Higher Verification (Legalization / Superlegalization) 

Higher verification of documents is provided at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing state, or at the relevant representative office. 

If the country that issued the public document is not a member of The Hague Convention to Abolish the Requirement of Higher Verification of Foreign Public Documents (https://www.slov-lex.co.uk/right-prices/EN/ZZ/2002/213/), its use in Slovakia will require its legalization. Similarly, in the case of a document issued in Slovakia for its use in countries other than the member states of The Hague Convention, its legalization will be required.

3. Recognition of diplomas from Slovakia

Translation and recognition of the diplomas (medical or other) of Slovakia for other countries. 

Providing Official Translations

If necessary, we will provide our clients with complete service, including the provision of official translations of documents by translators registered in the list of translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

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