Blue card – temporary residence for the purpose of highly qualified employment

In a case of employer's desire to employ a third-country national, to occupy a position where a higher professional qualification is a necessity, it is required to submit an application for temporary residence in the Slovak republic. If it would be highly qualified employment, it is possible to request a Blue Card.

Employment must stand for at least 1 year, from the moment of obtaining a Blue Card. Monthly salary must be arranged to at least 1,5 average monthly salary according to the list issued by the Statistical Office of the Slovak republic, in the corresponding sector.

Report on job vacancy

The future employer must report a job vacancy to the Central Labour Office at least 30 working days before applying for the Blue Card.

Where to submit an application?

Aliens can submit an application for a Blue Card at any Alien Police Department in the Slovak republic, but only if the alien is staying in the Slovak republic legally. We need to point out that a tourist visa does not entitle one to submit an application in Slovakia. The application needs to be submitted by the alien at the Slovak Embassy.

Duration of the temporary residence permit – Blue Card

The Blue Card is issued for a period of 4 years, or if the duration of the employment relationship is shorter than 4 years, the Foreign Police Department will issue a Blue Card for the duration of the employment relationship extended by 90 days.

A smaller disadvantage is that higher professional qualifications must be confirmed by a university education certificate, which must be certified in the Slovak republic by for example the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR. This procedure can take up to 2 months.

If employer wants to employ an alien and conditions for issuing a Blue Card are met, it is also possible to request a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment (not a Blue Card). The disadvantage here is that the legal period for the Alien Police to decide is 90 days, on the other hand it is not necessary to enclose certificated university education certificates.

Attachments to an application

To the application, which must be completed in the Slovak language, it is required to attach the following documents, besides two photographs (3 x 3,5 cm), legal fee and valid passport:

  • employment contract, alternatively employer’s assurance (official form)
  • document on recognition of education
  • criminal registry extract from the country or origin and the countries where have lived in the last 3 years for more than 90 days during 6 consecutive months (no older than 90 days)
  • document on accommodation (no older than 90 days)

If employment contract is not an attachment (but only employer’s assurance), the alien is required to submit an employment contract in 30 days after obtaining the residence permit.

Period to make a decision

The Alien Police Department will issue a decision on the Blue Card within 30 days from the date of submitting the complete application.

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