Foreigners access to the Central Government Portal since 1.7.2017

Communication with public authorities will be secured via pages (Central Government Portal box), as well as the electronic delivery of electronic documents and electronic formal decisions from institutions and public authorities.

As established by law No. 305/2013 of Collection of Laws, access to the portal will only be granted if a person has (i) in case of Slovak citizen, identification card with electronic chip within and will request access codes to the portal (BOK, PIN, PUK) and (ii) in case of foreigner or Slovak citizen without permanent residence in Slovakia, if the person obtains:

  1. residence certificate with electronic chip and also requests access codes to the portal (official authentificator)
  2. alternative authenticator in a form of card with electronic chip

Access with residence certificate

Foreigners will request codes to access portal at Alien Police department.

Foreigners must fill in and send a Request to open electronic box of a natural person, who is not a citizen of Slovakia.

According to information provided by portal , it is necessary for a foreign management body to have an identity number registered in the Register of artificial persons and Business register (, as well.

Alternative authenticator issue

On the 1.3.2017 came in force Regulation No. 29/2017 of Collection of Laws, which provides furhter information on this authenticator.

This authenticator will be issued according to § 2 above mentioned regulation, to a natural person, who is a managing director of an artificial person, member of a management body of an artificial person with a registered seat in Slovakia registered in the Business Register or to a natural person, who is a manager of branch of a parent body registered in the Business Register and cannot be the bearer of official authenticator. Which means, that a request for a card to access Central Government Portal can be submitted by a foreign person, who does not have a residence permit in Slovakia, or a residence card with chip.

To gain this card with electronic chip, a natural person needs to submit a request personally to the Police force department, according to the list published on the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak republic web page.

A Managing director, who is not a citizen of the Slovak republic (alien) and does not have a residence permit in the Slovak republic, may request the issue of an alternative authenticator at any department of the alien police:

  • Alien Police department Bratislava
  • Alien Police department Dunajská Streda
  • Alien Police department Trnava
  • Alien Police department Nitra
  • Alien Police department Nové Zámky
  • Alien Police department Trenčín
  • Alien Police department Banská Bystrica
  • Alien Police department Rimavská Sobota
  • Alien Police department Žilina
  • Alien Police department Košice
  • Alien Police department Michalovce
  • Alien Police department Prešov

Slovak citizens without residence in Slovakia may do so at the identity cards department. This card with an electronic chip will be sent through the post to the address of an artificial person, on behalf which thr person is acting, or the address of branch of foreign company.

Other option of access to Central Government Portal

Foreigners may empower full access to a person, who has access to portal (has ID card or residence permit with chip and access codes). Power of attorney can be found on web page and must be sent to the address: Úrad vlády SR, P. O. BOX 11, Námestie slobody 1, 810 05 Bratislava 15.

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