Renewal of the residence permit in Slovakia

The foreign police department can renew - prolong the temporary residence permit in Slovakia for a maximum period of three years.

When can the application for renewal of the residence permit be submitted? 

An application for prolongation of the residence permit may be submitted to the department of Foreign Police earlier than 6 months before the end of the period of authorized stay. At the latest, it has to be submitted before the last day of validity of the temporary stay. 

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Where does the application for renewal of the residence permit in Slovakia have to be submitted? 

If you are a third country national, the application has to be on the official form and you must submit the application personally to the foreign police department. 

Documents needed along with the application for the renewal process 

You will need a valid passport (otherwise the police department will refuse the application),

one photo measuring 3 x 3.5 cm showing the actual appearance.  

The applicant has to also provide to the foreign police the documents written below, not older than 90 days confirming: 

  • purpose of stay – if the foreigner does business in Slovakia as managing director of a company, he has to show the certificate of incorporation of the company
  • financial coverage of the stay
  • health insurance during your stay at the territory of the Slovak Republic (during the whole stay and also for the next period of time)
  • provision of accommodation

The foreign police will need confirmation that a foreigner (entrepreneur) or his company paid tax and duty liabilities, health insurance, social insurance, and contributions to pension saving in this business. The confirmation is required from all three health insurance companies. If the third-country national / his country is not liable or not liable to pay contributions to social security, he has to ask for a document confirming this fact. 

Renewal of the residence permit for the purpose of family reunification 

 A third-country national who applies for renewal of a temporary residence permit in Slovakia for family reunification is also required to make a statutory declaration in writing that the reasons for granting temporary residence continues to exist. If the renewal of the temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification requests the wife of a foreigner – the entrepreneur, this affirmation has to be signed by her. For a young child so does either the father and / or mother (wife of a foreigner). 

How long does it take to receive permanent residency in Slovakia? 

First your temporary residence permit has to last for at least 5 years. For more information, we suggest you  read more about the Permanent residence permit in Slovakia in this  article. 

I am interested in your services, what information does your law firm need from me? 

The process of renewal – prolongation of the temporary residence permit in Slovakia is a complex and quite complicated process. Do not leave it to the last minute, we have to accompany more documents – confirmations from the competent authorities and prepare all necessary documents. In general, we suggest you to start the process not later than 2 months before the validity of your stay in Slovakia expires. 

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