Certificate of citizenship

Slovak national who does not have a valid Slovak identity document can apply for a certificate of Slovak citizenship.

The application for a certificate of citizenship is made in person. It can either be filed by the applicant himself or by an authorised lawyer. A legal representative (parent, guardian, custodian) may apply on behalf of the child.

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Where should I apply for a citizenship certificate?

The procedure for issuing a certificate of citizenship is regulated by §9a of the Act of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic No. 40/1993 Coll. on the citizenship of the Slovak Republic. This Act also contains a model application form for the issuance of the certificate in the Annex.

An application for a certificate of citizenship must be made to the district office in the seat of the region or abroad through a diplomatic mission or a consular office of the Slovak Republic.

Attachments to the application for a citizenship certificate

The standard attachments are in particular:

  • proof of identity
  • birth certificate
  • proof of personal status (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree, death certificate of the spouse).

The authorities may also ask for other documents, e.g. about parents (especially if you are also a citizen of another nationality).

In the case of foreign documents, an apostille or superlegalization and an official translation into Slovak are also required.

Time limit for issuing the citizenship certificate

The authorities should decide on the issue of the certificate within 30 days of the application. In praxis, it takes a few days.


As of 1.6.2023, a certificate of citizenship of a child born abroad is required for the issuance of his/her Slovak birth certificate. How to obtain a Slovak birth certificate for your child can be found in our article.

Validity of citizenship certificate

The original certificate is valid for 6 months.

Certificate of nationality

In addition to the certificate, it is also possible to apply for a certificate of citizenship of the Slovak Republic of a person on the date stated in the application in which the event occurred in the past.

Fee for the issue of a certificate or certificate of citizenship

The Authority’s fee is as follows:

  • 10,- € – procedure for issuing a certificate of citizenship of the Slovak Republic
  • 10,- € – proceedings for the issue of a certificate of citizenship of the Slovak Republic

The fee is not charged for the issuance of a certificate of citizenship of the Slovak Republic for the purpose of issuing the first citizenship card. If the applicant requests the issue of several certificates of Slovak citizenship or certificates of Slovak citizenship, the fee shall be charged for each such original.

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