The Judicial and Non-Judicial Debt Recovery

The number of debtors who do not pay their debts is increasing. The debt recovery process in Slovakia is a difficult one, it takes time, money, and can cause some anxiety. If you cannot get your money back from debtors, do not wait to call us. We will be pleased to advise you and help with the whole process for you. Call us.

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A process of the judicial and non-judicial debt recovery

We distinguish between two ways of debt recovery. The first is the non-judicial debt recovery where we submit a final request to a debtor to pay for debts. If a debtor will not pay for it, it is a reason to start the judicial debt recovery.

The judicial debt recovery starts with issuing a claim at the corresponding court of defendant. Under the Civil Codex the court will make an order within 10 working days if all required conditions are fulfilled. A defendant can appeal against it within 15 days since it has been received, otherwise it becomes legally enforceable. In case a defendant will appeal against an order, the court will start proceedings. The judgement of the court will be legally enforced by a bailiff.

Our services

  • providing complex legal services and advice in relation to the debt recovery
  • drafting suits and other legal documents
  • acting for a client at the court
  • communicating with corresponding courts, offices and institutions

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