Renewal of the Slovak residence permit

Renewal of the foreigner's residence permint in Slovakia is quite complicated process. Our Law Office has 11 years of experience in Immigration Law.

1 200 € plus fees
90 days period of the foreign police for the decision
I am interested in the renewal of my residence permit

How does it work?

  • We will check your documents to make sure you meet the legal conditions for renewal,
  • we will prepare the complete documentation for submission to the Foreign Police,
  • we will submit the application for renewal of residence with you in person at the Foreign Police.

Administrative fees for renewal of residence

  • business – EUR 132.50
  • employment – 99,50 EUR
  • seasonal employment – 16,50 EUR
  • special activity – EUR 33
  • family reunification – EUR 66
  • performance of official duties by civilian members of the armed forces – EUR 33
  • Blue Card – EUR 99,50
  • a person granted long-term residence in another Member State of the Union who is doing business in the territory of the Slovak Republic – EUR 132,50
  • a person granted long-term residence in another Member State of the Union who is employed in the territory of the Slovak Republic – EUR 99,50
  • a person granted long-term residence in another Member State of the Union who carries out a special activity or research and development in the territory of the Slovak Republic – EUR 33
  • a person granted long-term residence in another Member State of the Union who is a family member of a third-country national with long-term residence and the family already existed in another Member State – EUR 66

Frequently asked questions

Renewal of residence for the purpose of business

The police department may renew a temporary residence for a maximum period of 3 years if the third-country national’s stay is expected to last for at least that period. In practice, we have encountered that foreigners are renewed (extended) for the purpose of business for another 1.5 to 2 years. 

According to § 34 (5) of the Act on the residence of foreigners, “A third-country national who has been granted temporary residence for the purpose of business shall not, as of the date of submitting an application for renewal of temporary residence for the purpose of business, have any arrears registered with the tax office, customs office, arrears registered for social insurance premiums, and the health insurance company shall not register overdue claims against him/her pursuant to special regulations63c) from this business and from all the companies and cooperatives on whose behalf he/she is acting. If the third-country national is not a taxpayer or is not obliged to pay social security contributions, he or she shall attach a document confirming that fact.” At the moment, foreign police departments already request confirmation of arrears themselves. The foreign police ask for certificates as of the date of the application for renewal of residence. Arrears at the date of application are grounds for refusal of a renewal application, even if the arrears are subsequently paid.

Renewal of residence for family reunification

Family reunification: documents required for the application for renewal of residence:

  • application for renewal of temporary residence
  • valid passport/residence document
  • 1x recent colour photograph 3 x 3.5 cm
  • proof of accommodation
  • financial security for the stay – e.g. confirmation of the balance in the sponsor’s bank account
  • a third-country national applying for renewal of temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification must also submit declaration stating that the reasons for granting temporary residence continue to apply. If the wife of the foreign national – entrepreneur applies for the renewal of the temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification, this declaration shall be signed by her. Either the father and/or the mother (spouse of the foreigner) shall do so on behalf of the minor child
  • a certificate from the health insurance company on the existence of the foreigners insurance at the time of the application for renewal of residence.

Renewal of temporary residence of a foreigner for the purpose of employment

In order to renew a foreigner’s temporary residence for the purpose of employment, a foreigner from a third country (outside the EU) must appear in person at the competent department of the Foreign Police (depending on the place of accommodation) and submit the following documents:

Application for renewal of residence – if the foreigner makes an appointment to submit the application for a specific date, he/she writes out the entire application electronically on the computer and can generate and print it when sending/confirming the date.

Promise of employment/addendum to employment contract. As we have encountered that the Foreign Police have not accepted an addition to the employment contract, in practice we always submit the employer’s promise of employment. The form of the promise can be found on the website of the employment offices. You need to check that the form you use is up to date. A plain signature with the employer’s stamp is sufficient, so official verification is not required.

Affidavit of agreed salary – even if the promise shows the amount of the agreed salary, it is possible to have the employer certify (with a certified signature) an affidavit of the agreed salary, i.e. the income of the foreigner as an employee. In practice, this is, for example, submitted with the application of a child or a spouse who applies for an extension of stay together with the foreign employee and by which we declare their financial security.

Power of attorney – if the foreigner will be represented by a lawyer, a power of attorney for representation with the foreigner’s officially certified signature is also submitted. Please note that the representation of an foreigner in the procedure for granting/renewal of residence is a legal service and therefore the foreigner should only be represented by an attorney. A person other than an attorney could thus commit the offence of unlawful business, especially if he/she carries out this activity on a continuous basis and for remuneration.

Proof of accommodation – either an affidavit of the owners of the property where the foreigner has registered his/her residence with their certified signatures or, if the foreigner has the property in his/her own possession, it is sufficient to state this fact in the application. In order to speed up the submission in both cases, it is recommended to take a copy of the title deed from the Internet with the application, but this is not a requirement. According to § 32 (8) of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners, ‘The proof of accommodation must show that the third-country national has accommodation for at least six months of the temporary stay; if he/she applies for a temporary stay for a shorter period, he/she must show that accommodation has been provided for the entire temporary stay. The third-country national referred to in § 30(1)(e) of Article 27a must prove the provision of shared accommodation with the third-country national with whom he or she is applying for family reunification.”

Should this be a deficiency position, two affidavits are also attached (Annex 10 and 11), their signature does not need to be verified by the employer as long as the employer attaches a stamp.

The time limit for the decision of the Foreign Police is 90 days from the submission of a complete application, the application does not have to be complete. The 30 day time limit is in the case of a deficient position.

The foreigner has no obligation in relation to the labour office for the renewal, but also for the new temporary residence and employment permit. The employer is obliged to send the Labour Office a notice of the foreigner’s entry/non-entry into employment and a copy of the employment contract also at the renewal of the residence permit, and to notify the termination of the employment relationship with the foreigner after the expiry of the employment relationship (if the employment relationship has ended before the expiry of the permit).

Always remember to report free work position in advance!

It is always necessary to declare a vacancy on the portal, both when granting and renewing your residence for employment purposes. Depending on the position in issue (whether or not it is in short supply on the date of application), the only difference is the period of time during which the vacancy announcement must be published before the application is submitted. If the position is a shortage position, it is sufficient to publish the vacancy announcement and the next day it is possible to apply for the grant or renewal of residence. However, if it is not a shortage post, the application can only be submitted after 20 working days from the posting on the portal.

It is also important to emphasize that the vacancy announcement must be renewed, we recommend until the grant/renewal of residency. As the process of granting/renewing residency for employment purposes (except in the case of a shortage position) takes 90 days, by the time the police send the request to the labour office, the report may no longer be active (the report is published for 3 months), leading to a negative opinion from the labour office and ultimately a positive decision not to issue a residency.

Another  important thing is to tick in the application form that the position is suitable for a foreigner from a third country.

In conclusion, we recommend that the passability of the application form is immediately checked with the employment officer after it has been published. Often employers will list requirements for the position to be filled that are met by several job applicants referred by the employment office, which again may lead to the non-granting of residency.

The position in the vacancy announcement is selected from the SK ISCO list, which can be found as an annex to this Decree.

There are some differences in the case of the residence of a foreigner – blue card.

If the employer or the position changes during the validity of the granted residence, the procedure is given here.

Renewal of temporary residence for an employee’s family member

For the renewal of a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification, what we have discussed above for the purpose of family reunification applies. At the same time, you will also need to provide a certificate from the health insurance company stating that the foreigner was insured at the time of the application for renewal of residence.

As an employee, a foreigner staying for employment purposes is normally covered by the public health insurance system. However, in the case of a family member residing for the purpose of family reunification, in our experience not all family members (we have only encountered this with minor children) can also be insured under the public health insurance scheme, but it is necessary to take out commercial health insurance. It is up to the foreigner to choose the health insurance company that will provide him/her with health insurance. However, the condition is that the health insurance is provided in Slovakia for the entire duration of the stay. The Act on the Residence of Foreigners does not specify or favour any health insurance company. It is also possible to be insured commercially, but any renewal of insurance must be submitted to the Foreign Police.

References from clients

I engaged AKMV Laf Firm for assistance with renewal of my temporary residency. As expected, the process was not entirely straightforward, and the expert knowledge and experience of AKMV was crucial to both a successful application and providing reassurance to me with what could have been a stressful time. As such, I arrived at the Foreign Police with all the correct documentation and the application was made quickly and without difficulty. Follow-up requirements from the Foreign Police were quickly and precisely addressed by AKMV. The successful application was advised once approved. I have not hesitated to recommend AKMV to other foreigners and will seek their assistance for my immigration needs in the future.

Ross Cable

I Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get my residency here in Slovakia, Barbora and I appreciated it so much and I’m glad that I can be here with her and without worry! Thank you again for your hard work.

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